Tanzania Burka


250g Resealable Pouch

Limey citrus and peanut notes with a smooth finish

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Location: Arusha, Arumeru District, Northern Tanzania

Producer: Burka and Selian

Altitude: 1340-1470 masl

Verital: Bourbon and Kent

Process: Washed

Roast: Light/Medium

Coffee has been grown on the Burka Estate since 1899 and they acquired the neighboring Selian Estate in 1991 with a combined area of over 1,600 acres of coffee trees. Additional acres are given over to forest and natural grasslands.  With on-site wet mills on the estates, the coffees are dried on raised African drying tables for 5-7 days. The Estate also has its own cupping lab with each days’ lots being cupped and assessed to ensure consistent quality.

Cupping Notes: Limey citrus and peanut notes with a smooth finish.