El Salvador San Ernesto


Notes: seville orange, white rum, milk chocolate

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Location: El Balsamo, Quetzaltepeq

Producer: Uritia family

Altitude: 1000-1250 masl

Verital: bourbon, pacas

Process: natural

Roast: medium


We have been working with the Uritia family for over 9 years, using their washed and honey process coffees in our main espresso blends, but this natural seemed perfect for a single origin espresso.  Now in their sixth generation, brothers Enrique, Rene and Gustavo run San Ernesto alongside their two other farms and back in 2018 we had the pleasure of welcoming Rene to Caffe Isola for a cupping session. The farm is split into twenty-eight tablons, allowing them to produce microlots if they wish. Each is between 3 and 6 hectares. All the Urrutias Estate coffees are 100% shade grown and native trees are planted every year to prevent erosion. The main trees which are grown are the izote and the copalchi which also act as a natural wind barrier.

Coffee on this 140-hectare farm has recently been awarded the Denomination of Origin (PDO). Certification is given by the cuppers from the Salvadoran Coffee Council under the SCA standards in order to guarantee quality and characteristics of coffee from a geographical region from the Central part of El Salvador which includes the Balsamo Quetzaltepeq Mountain Range and the San Salvador Volcano.


Cupping Notes: seville orange, white rum, milk chocolate