Guatemala Primavera Family – Sparkling Water Decaf


250g Resealable Pouch

Good body with Cacao and hints of nutty syrup & licorice

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Location: Huehuetenago

Producer: small producers

Altitude: 1550-1650 masl

Verital: Catuai, Bourbon

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium

The Primavera Family lot was created from 16 great producers that are improving their quality with this coffee made from lots scoring 84 & 85. By working together, this group of small producers is sharing information helping them all to increase cup quality every year.  These coffees are grown on farms utilising Gravilea, Chalun and Fruit trees as shade trees helping the overall biodiversity on the farms.


This process was first discovered by a scientist called Kurt Zosel at the Max Planck Institute for
Coal Research in 1967 as he was looking at new ways of separating mixtures of substances. In
1988, a German decaffeination company called CR3 developed this process for decaffeination
whereby natural carbon dioxide (which comes from prehistoric underground lakes) is combined
with water to create ‘sub-critical’ conditions which creates a highly solvent substance for
caffeine in coffee. It is a gentle, natural and organically certified process and the good caffeine
selectivity of the carbon dioxide guarantees a high retention level of other coffee components
which contribute to taste and aroma.

Cupping Notes: good body with chocolate flavour and hints of cherry

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