Ascaso Barista T Plus


The Ascaso Barista T Plus represents the latest advances in coffee machine technology in a very attractive and modern design whilst still offering great value for money.

  • Professional Thermodynamic Multi Group technology (on/off by group)
  • Independent large capacity Stainless Steel steam boiler
  • Independent and regulable electronic temperature control for each group
  • External Pid control ( 0,1ºC) for each group and steam boiler
  • External timer for each group
  • Digital Display in each group. Multiple functions
  • Thermal lagging on steam boiler and groups
  • Thermal stability (+/- 0.5ºC)
  • Dynamic preheating (coffee groups)
  • Energy efficient (-50%)
  • High performance Stainless Steel vein pump
  • Powerful steamer (10 mm anti-lime scale tube Stainless Steel cool touch).
  • High-precision filters in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Active cup warmer.
  • LED in work area
  • Joystick steam controls