Brita Aquagusto 250


The Aquagusto 250 is the ideal water softner for your home espresso machine

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An innovative and practical solution for enhancing the flavour, aroma and appearance of coffee. Designed to be used in manual fill coffee and espresso machines with conventional cold water tanks, simply pop the filter into the tank and water will be not only better tasting – it’ll also prevent lime scale damage to your machine. The addition of the filter exchange signal provides a useful reminder of when the filter requires replacement. Provides filtration for up to 250 litres of water.

Product features

Dimensions 115.5(W) x 32.9(D)mm
Supplier Model Number FLT1018881
Warranty 6 Months
Weight 600g
Colour White
Can be used in all conventional water tanks: no adapter, no assembly
Easy to use: simply place in the tank and allow to stand
Automatic filter change signal
Simple and immediate filter installation and exchange by the user
Enhanced coffee flavour, aroma and appearance
Reduces lime scale deposits
Recommended for coffee machines with water tank capacity above 1.5Ltr