Rwanda Nyungwe


Notes: dark plum, blackcurrant & almond brittle

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Location: Nyamasheke District, Nyungwe National Park Region

Producer: small holders

Altitude: 1680 masl

Verital: red bourbon

Process: washed

Roast: light/medium


Nestled on the edge of the lush Nyungwe National Forest, the Nyungwe Washing Station (established in 2008) is a vital hub for over 1,000 local coffee farmers. It has a unique microclimate, influenced by the rainforest, which creates favorable conditions for slow cherry ripening, resulting in complex and vibrant flavors.

Nyungwe Washing Station itself is committed to sustainable practices, using organic fertilizers and carefully treating its wastewater.

The station’s dedication also extends beyond coffee processing, with a tree nursery supporting reforestation efforts in the region.


Cupping Notes: dark plum, blackcurrant & almond brittle